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How can I see the ratings & reviews left by visitors?

You can see how visitors reviewed their visit to your venue by checking our Review Insights report, where you can filter by venue, period of time, and language. In this report you can capture different aspects of the customer's feedback, like:

- Average review rating: An average of the rating provided by customers (from 1 to 5 stars) during your selected timeframe 

- Rating breakdown: Detailed breakdown of the average rating submitted

- Average rating over time: Fluctuation of the rating overtime on a week-by-week basis. 

- Positive or Negative things: Aspects that customers selected as positive or negative about their visit. 

- Who did your customers travel with? Family? Friends? Partner? Alone? 

- On-site staff and information rating

- Value for money rating

- City of origin of the customer

- Last 50 customer reviews 

- Covid-19 related questions: Rating of COVID-19 safety and hygiene measures and their answers

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