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Connect to Tiqets own API through different options

If your booking system is not yet supported by Tiqets, then our easy API specification offers a fast-track to getting connected. Avoid missing out on sales and invest up to 3 business days of your software developer.

You extend your existing API with endpoints for availability, booking and cancellation according to our specification.

Our systems will call yours to fetch availability and push bookings

Interested? Check out the details here.

  • How long does it take to implement Tiqets Supplier API Specification?

The majority of our partners have finished the main implementation in 3 days, especially if you have an in-house tech team.

  • What is the cost involved?

We do not charge additional fees for implementations.
You invest in implementing the specification and we cover our own costs providing you with support and our operational costs.

  • Will I have to push data to you?

No. We will call your API to fetch information when we need it. Just like your existing API.

  • Will you take prices and product content from the API?

No. The API is very simple and doesn't accommodate pricing and product content.

  • Do I need to sign a contract to integrate the API?

You are free to integrate the API, but a commercial agreement is required before sales can start.

Just sign up here to get started!

  • Do you also support the OCTo standard?

Yes we do! If your ticketing system complies with the OCTo Spec then we can already connect!

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