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How can I manage capacity and availability of my products?

If you're connected to our system via an API, you should in most cases be able to change the availability in your system and it will update Tiqets directly. 

If that's not the case, this feature allows you to manage the maximum capacity of your venue or product and adjust the availability that you offer to visitors. You just have to select the product you want to configure, the date range, weekday or timeslot you want to adjust, and click "Edit".

During the next step, you can configure the timeslots, and, if you need to, enable the Visitor Limits option to set a maximum number of tickets to offer per day or timeslot: 

If you want to add a different timeslot for a special day or because of an exception, but without affecting your already configured availability, you can do it by scrolling down and clicking on the "Add new Schedule" button.      

Once you are in, you can add the special availability or timeslots: 

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